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About True North CSM

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The ”True North” in True North Chiropractic and Sports Medicine is a nod to my birthplace, Winnipeg, Canada. It also recognizes that internal compass that guides us successfully through life and helps us stay on track, much in the same way that chiropractic helps us stay healthy to enjoy a quality of life.

I bring a unique set of skills to my practice. I have a sub-specialty in athletic training, strength and conditioning, as well as experience as a clinical researcher and post-graduate educator who has lectured locally, regionally, and internationally on chiropractic rehabilitation 


I have over 20 years of experience in a clinical setting, in addition to the many years I worked in professional sports (football, baseball, beach volleyball). Together, they have helped me develop the ability to heal complex patients quickly by integrating a wide variety of treatments: IASTM (Graston Technique), cold laser therapy, therapeutic exercise/rehabilitative exercise, Kinesiology taping, therapeutic ultrasound, manual spinal decompression therapy (manual flexion-distraction), Thompson terminal drop technique, Gonstead, Diversified, and Activator manipulation techniques. 


True North CSM is happy to offer patients the ease of scheduling their appointments online, be it from a computer, tablet or smart phone. As well, we accommodate same day/urgent requests from health care providers.


So, come visit me at one of my two locations, in Burnsville or St. Louis Park, and let's get started on your healing to recover better and faster. 

Dr. Ed

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