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True North Cycling Program

Specialized Sports Chiropractic for cyclists of all levels

Pain in your knees, back or neck can make anything from mountain bike racing to a casual weekend ride difficult. Specialized sports Chiropractic can get you back quickly to cycling comfortably and efficiently at even your highest levels of performance. 

Our integrative team of sports Chiropractors and former professional European road racers allow for expert understanding of body mechanics needed to maintain, tolerate and perform at its best in the cycling position. We utilize thorough evaluation and sound training methods, including video biomechanics, to adjust your form and improve your technique.

We are accomplished cyclists ourselves, with multiple State and Provincial championships in the various disciplines of Piste (track/velodrome) and professional experience on the cobblestone roads of Belgium, and have previously consulted with USA Cycling (track) in their preparations for World Championship events.


We understand and share the passion you have for cycling. We’ll provide individualized one-on-one care, allowing you the confidence to return to cycling. 


a completely customized analysis to improve performance, reduce the chance of injury, and address specific goals

How the Cycling Program works

We have sports Chiropractors who specialize in cycling and will evaluate how your body moves. A thorough physical examination provides information to assist in the analysis of cycling mechanics, which may be the underlying or direct cause of injuries or poor performance. Finally, we develop a customized treatment program to allow return to cycling.

Depending on your specific goals, your personal program may include:

  • Video analysis of cycling

  • Onsite adjustments to your bike (saddle, handlebars, and/or cleat system)

  • Proprioceptive exercises, which improve body awareness and joint stability 

  • Strength exercises

  • Soft tissue and spine or joint mobilization/manipulation techniques (Graston IASTM)

  • Cycling-specific neuromuscular education, a technique that improves how your muscles, brain and nerves work together

  • Training strategies to reduce or eliminate pain

Everyone begins the program with an initial evaluation – broken into 2 visits.
Appointments will be held at our Burnsville location.

1st visit: comprehensive health intake/ injury evaluation with physical examination and analysis with your bike connected to our indoor smart trainer bike to evaluate present cycling position, including video capture analysis. Initial recommendations performed, and position alterations, and short-term rehabilitation goals. (90 minutes)


2nd visit: review findings, and changes from visit #1, and offer further recommendations and determine long term rehabilitation goals. (60 minutes)

Bike Fit Evaluation

One of the unique aspects of our Cycling Program is the opportunity to have a Bike Fit Evaluation at the initial appointment, combined with a thorough physical examination, combined with data obtained from our smart trainer technology to further assist in determining cadence (RPM), power output (Watts) and how these can affect performance, and assist in injury prevention.

Fitting the bike to each rider can help reduce issues experienced during cycling like knee pain, back pain and hand numbness. The correct fit can also prevent future injuries. 

During the Bike Fit Evaluation, we’ll fit the bike to your body and make adjustments based on your riding style, ensuring that the bike is optimized to move with you as efficiently as possible. 

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